About us

Regardless of players age, level, position, and which skills player is trying to improve in his basketball training workout, it is essential that he trains with perfect technique in his workouts to maximize results and make him the best player he can be. And regardless of which basketball workout program player is considering, training with proper technique and professional coaches will allow you to maximize his potential. And that is where BEST BASKETBALL CAMPS TRAINING PROGRAMME comes in - giving you the perfect technique for every major skill in basketball.

BEST BASKETBALL CAMPS TRAINING PROGRAMME is based on coaching strategies from ex-Yugoslav basketball where individual training play very important role in the development of young players. It is well known that team training is not enough for the development of player. Individual training is what every player needs and it is simply a MUST !

BEST BASKETBALL CAMPS TRAINING PROGRAMME also organizes team training camps and tournaments. In the past 15 years we organized our camp and tournaments in: Serbia (Belgrade and Mt. Zlatibor), Holland, Malta, Montenegro, Turkey and England.

Our camps are managed by Coaches Bane Vukovic and Vesko Draskicevic, both holders of Senior Basketball Coach Diploma and graduates of Sports Academy in Belgrade. For our programmes we use only fully-qualified coaches with FIBA license.


We also do scouting and give opportunities to players who train with us, as an official FIBA licensed agency ISM SPORTS MANAGEMENT (FIBA Lic. No. 2007018137) and agent Ms Elmira Draskicevic is representing us.

All in all, we would like to assure you that by attending BEST BASKETBALL CAMPS you will have several opportunities to build your basketball career in the best possible way.